referencer og feedback fra kolleger


Ericsson, PDU RBS SW (ENG), Jan 2012.
Wipro (ENG), Feb 2011.
Ericsson, PDU AXE (ENG), Maj 2010.
TCS (ENG), Jul 2009.
TietoEnator (DK), Aug 2008.
Ericsson, PDU AXE (ENG), Mar 2008.

Feedback fra afdelingsleder i Ericsson PDU RBS SW, Jan 2012
Alex proved to have excellent Project Managers skill. He has a structured way of working, very good communication skills and an ability to sort out and drive a complicated task to the end. He worked very effectively with his assigned task and completed it well over my expectations.

Feedback far product owner i Ericsson PDU RBS SW, Dec 2011
I think the great work you performed in a short timeframe will set a footprint that will last for years.

Feedback fra afdelingsleder i Wipro, Feb 2011
You have been highly professional and supportive. Your openness and 100% transparency are very unique that helped in building high amount of trust in our relationship.

Feedback fra afdelingsleder i Ericsson, Maj 2010
Alex has performed his work and tasks with considerable care and great intrest, to our complete satisfaction. He has proven to be a very enterprising person who assumes assignments with responsibility extremely well.

Feedback fra projektmedarbejder og konsulent ved Ericsson, Juli 2009
I have been in the industry for 10+ years and most certainly you are one of the best project manager I have worked with. I appreciate and take it as a learning for my self, many of the professional qualities you have shown during the project execution.

Feedback fra projektmedarbejder ved Ericsson, Juli 2008
Thanks for the good cooperation Alex! I just wanted to say that there was a really big change in the project after you came in. It was the first time since I came into the project that I could see a clear way forward. We became a lot more like a team from that point. It is a breeze to work with you.

Feedback fra Top Projektleder i Ericsson, Jan 2008
I think Alex is a very thorough and professional project manager who maintains excellent control of his project. Alex definitely stays focused on the goal. Alex also helps in other parts of the project by offering his opinion (which is almost always exactly right) on how things or problems should be addressed. I would like to work with Alex again and would recommend him for any project.

Feedback fra afdelingsleder i Ericsson, Jan 2008
Congratulations to this great achievement! You kept the time plan since summer and proven the design to be very good as well as an excellent verification phase. This under an extreme project situation. Very professional! 


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